I want to move my account from office to another, what do I do? πŸ€”

Sometimes users create a new office instead of joining an existing one by accident.

This is what you do to guide yourself back to the office you intended to log into!

Old Office - Office that user belongs to now
New Office - Office that user wants to enter

  • One of the people of the New Office needs to send you an invite (it can be done from the Members Panel by clicking on the "Invite teammate" button and inserting the email or copying and pasting the link to you)
  • You will receive an email, the button "Join the office" needs to be clicked from there.
  • You will then receive a message "This email is already used in an existing office. To be able to join NEW OFFICE you need to switch your account from the current office. You will lose access to it."
  • You need to accept Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and click "Switch Office".
  • You will need to Sign in using your credentials
  • You will receive a message "By continuing you will lose access to X office and join Teemyco.". 
  • You need to click "Join New office".