Step 6 - Games Room / Team building πŸ•Ή

Psst: Pin the link to this page into your Games Room for smooth access

For the spontaneous (5- or 10-minute) games:

  1. Pull a co-worker into the fun room (hover over person & click "invite")
  2. Select a game
  3. Start & enjoy!

For the planned pre-scheduled or over time activities:

  1. Follow instructions below
  2. Have fun!

# 5 minute activities

1. The Plank Challenge (2 players+) πŸ’ͺ🏻

  1. Tilt your computer camera towards the floor
  2. Get down on the floor - in the classical plank position
  3. The last one standing wins!

2. Charades (4 players+) πŸ‘

  1. Pick a category: animal, celebrity or profession. If you like, set a 5-min-timer.
  2. Assign the first game leader
  3. Leader: send a private message with the selected animal/celebrity/profession to the first performer
  4. Performer: turn off the audio & start acting
  5. The first person to guess wins, and is the new game leader

3. Two lies & the truth (2 players+) πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  1. Everyone comes up with two lies and one truth about themselves. Label them A, B, C.
  2. Go around the room & tell your A, B, C while the listeners write down which they think is true
  3. Uncover your guesses and the truth. The person with most right guesses wins.

4. Pictionary (4 players+) πŸ–

  1. Decide on the first game leader
  2. The game leader sends a private message to the first drawer & tells the person what to draw
  3. That person tilts the camera so the paper is shown and starts drawing.
  4. The rest starts guessing
  5. The one who guesses right wins a point and is the new game leader.

5. Opposite Pictionary (3 players+) ✍🏽

  1. Assign the first game leader
  2. The first leader comes up with something the rest should draw but does not tell the rest of the team what it is (Example: a cry-laugh-smiley).
  3. Set a 1 minute timer and get started: The leader explains in words what the others shall draw. (Example: "Start with a circle. Then there are 2 circles within that circle. Underneath the small circles you find..")
  4. As time is up, everyone shows their drawings to the camera. The prettiest, most close to what it was supposed to portray, wins (=team decision).

# 10 minute activities

1. Musical Chairs (2 players+) 🎢

  1. Select who starts by being DJ & make sure everyone can physically dance around the chair.
  2. DJ: turn on a song on your phone & set a timer until alarm on the phone which'll interrupt the music
  3. Sound & video on for all; everyone starts dancing around the individual chair
  4. When the music stops, sit down as fast as you can
  5. The last one sitting is out & is now the DJ.
  6. First woman/man sitting among the 2 finalists wins.

2. Kahoot Quiz (2 players+) πŸ•Ή

  1. Decide on a game leader
  2. Access
  3. The game decides on a quiz. E.g. Music quiz or Disney quiz
  4. Enter the game pin, a nickname & start quizzing. The one with most correct & fastest answers wins.

3. Who am I? (3 players+) πŸ‘€

  1. Decide who assigns a person to whom (use tile view as the "circle" if that helps) - everyone assigns one famous person and gets a famous person assigned. (Example: Jen β€”> Bob. Bob β€”> Carl. Carl β€”> Jen)
  2. Use the chat to inform everyone but the person you've chosen the character for who (s)he "is". (Example: Jen writes to Carl who Bob shall guess).
  3. The youngest in the team starts asking yes/no questions to guess her/his character. As soon as the answer is no it is the next person's turn.
  4. The first one to uncover the character wins the game.

# Pre-planned activities

1. Virtual Lunch Roulette 🍝

  1. Decide which day to host Lunch Roulette next & share a calendar invite (use below text)
  2. Anyone who wants to join shows up in the virtual kitchen / lunch room upon start. Bring food!
  3. Break out into smaller groups of 2 or max 3 people per room (add new rooms if needed)
  4. Have an informal lunch together. Use the know-me-better-questions if you like
  5. Enjoy getting to know each other better!

2. Guess the Baby - your picture needed πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

Login to Kahoot recommended. Backup option: shared slide deck; leader administrates.

  1. Find a baby picture of yourself
  2. Decide on a game leader, who either uses Kahoot or makes a slide deck & asks everyine in the team to submit a baby picture by a certain day & time and schedules the game
  3. Submit your picture as instructed by the leader
  4. Show up for the activity Guess who is who
  5. The person with most correct answers wins

3. Afterwork Party πŸ₯³

  1. Pick a theme (80s dress-up party, ugly hat competition, craziest shirt wins, other..)
  2. Send out a calendar invite & time for the party including theme instructions
  3. Buy & grab your favorite drink
  4. Assign a winner when the Afterwork party starts
  5. Have a great time together; if you like, select a game e.g. Truth or Drink.

4. Truth or Drink 🍸

  1. Select a time and date & share a calendar invite after hours
  2. Gather virtually for an informal get-together with your favorite drink
  3. The most techy person in the gang creates a poll using while everyone individually comes up with fun questions for the game. Anyone including yourself could be the one who gets to respond.
  4. Submit your questions to the pot using the code on the website
  5. Use Google’s randomized number selector & go around the virtual β€œroom” to determine who gets which question
  6. You can choose if you rather respond to the question or drink.

5. Random facts about the team πŸ‘»

  1. Decide on this week's activity leader who sets a deadline for input & schedules the game
  2. Come up with a random fact about yourself & share it with the game leader
  3. The leader uses Kahoot to submit one fact and 4 name alternatives per question
  4. Gather, log in to, enter game pin and guess what fact correlates to whom
  5. The fastest & most correct player wins

6. Finnish Cover band Music Competition πŸ“€

Requires a game leader with Spotify access

  1. Pre-schedule the event & assign who will be the DJ
  2. Only the DJ may check this playlist (cheating sucks!)
  3. Gather up & compete either individually or in teams of 2.
  4. The DJ plays the Finnish version of the song. 1 point per correctly guessed song title and one per band.
  5. DJ only: Start the game using this Spotify playlist.

# Compete over time

For these activities we recommend you create a team scoreboard (e.g. using Google Sheets) and pin it into your team room.

1. Weekend Picture Competition πŸ“Έ

  1. Share your favorite weekend picture with the rest of the team before Monday 09 am
  2. Vote for the one you like best (may not be your own..) and set a deadline to vote
  3. The picture with most votes wins
  4. Pin a link into your team room to keep track of the winner of the weekend over time

2. Step Competition Scoreboard πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet with everyone's name & daily tracker
  2. For 1 week, ask everyone to fill in the no of steps taken into the sheet
  3. Move as much as you possibly can (create a "walk & talk" room if you don't have one already and use the web version to dial in to Teemyco!)
  4. By Friday lunch - see who won this week's challenge by having most steps
  5. Update the scoreboard that's pinned into your virtual team room

3. Daily Motivational Song Meetup πŸ“»

Pro-tip: if all of you have Spotify, pin a playlist in the room & let people add the songs there.

  1. Between 08:45-09:00, meet in the open workspace (share calendar reminder if needed)
  2. Share one motivational song (YouTube link) with everyone else who is there
  3. Vote for the winner of the day
  4. 09:00 time to get to work - enjoy a lovely day of work!