Step 1 - Guidelines πŸ‘‹

Get-started-guide for office managers

Welcome, and congrats on your new role as an online office manager! Jokes aside, if you're the one who signed your team up to move into your online office - here is a step-by-step guide that might help you to get started.

We love speaking to you! Just book a session in our calendar here and we're there to help your team. We love hearing about your team and sharing tips, tricks & learnings

πŸ’ͺ Get ready (or: the preparations)

  1. Set up your account & office, download the app, and log in
  2. Invite your colleagues to join your space
  3. Share a calendar invite or change your next daily/weekly team meeting location to Teemyco to test it then

πŸšͺ Move-in (or: the housewarming week)

  1. Gather at the given time in your office, as a team.
  2. Design the office together, explore, and get creative. Decide what days you try it, together
  3. Move internal routine meetings into Teemyco for the trial 
  4. Clearly communicate to the full team from which date to start Teemyco usage

πŸ˜‹ Co-work, co-exist, co-laugh (or: the never-ending party)

  1. Log on to Teemyco on the morning. Select the appropriate room, and co-exist. Brainstorm, laugh, meet, focus, joke, gossip - well, you do you.
  2. Evaluate behaviors & rules along the way as a team
  3. Send us questions, feedback, love, and suggestions along the way. Enjoy!

WELCOME home, to your office, online.

- Loads of love from the Teem.